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Papa Kotji

Papa Kotji is raw, surfed-up Gypsy swing, providing irresistible Gypsy tunes to anyone equipped with dancing feet and beating hearts. Expect the unexpected as the Papa Kotji boys kick off the party with trippy tango, wicked waltz, a ballad – basically everything that life encompasses, and a little more.

Papa Kotji is soon to release their new album “Macho Drom” where they will invite the listener into the rattling sound boxes of the acoustic guitars and the bass balalaika. With deep roots in the eclectic ethnic folk scene (including parts of the legendary Klezmofobia) and a fresh contemporary drive, Papa Kotji promises musical satisfaction traversing boundaries and borders alike.

Papa Kotji

Lørdag 8. oktober 2022

20.00Skum Ølbar

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Kategori: Musik / Knejpe Festival

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