The Maze of Hamlet

Idea and manuscript: Lars Romann Engel, CEO and Artistic Director at Shakespeare at Hamlet’s Castle and Cultural director and CEO Mikael Fock at The culture Yard
Director: Katrine Karlsen
Set designer: Nicolaj Spangaa
Programming: Carl Emil Carlsen, Actor: Piet Gitz Johansen
Costume: Line Frank, Music: Jens Hørsving

Classic theatre meets 3D projections and installation in The Maze of Hamlet in this new interpretation of the Shakespeare’s classic story of Hamlet.

Together with the young Hamlet we experience an encounter with the extrasensory. A meeting that expands Hamlet’s gaze on himself and his reality.

Using the 4D Artbox as a digital story platform the gap between illusion and reality is reinforced, when the actor’s present and dreamtime merge together in a highly visual, digital universe.