Stereographic Research Residency with Recoil

With: Johan Bichel Lindegaard, Maria Paula Saba, Bernado Schorr, Tina Tarpgaard, Siri Wolthoorn, The Culture Yard.
For: Recoil Performance Group & The Culture Yard

Experiments with 3D Projections and Dance: In 2013-2015 Recoil Performance Group explored the scenographic potentials of stereographic projections.

With access to spectral comb filters and glasses it was possible to develop the existing minimalist scenery of dynamic trompe l’oeil projections with live manipulations of the perceived distance and scale of the stage space.

The initial research took place in Culture Yard Elsinore at the CLICK Festival 2013 where the first tests with spectral comb filters was made.

In January 2014 the project was developed further during a residency at 3LD Art and Technology Center in NYC. We were happy to enjoy the local participation of ITP and Parsons students Maria Paula Saba, Bernado Schorr.

Again in 2014 the CLICK Festival hosted recoil performance group to create an installation based on the STEREO concept.