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The Culture Yard – Events, meetings and conferences

The Culture Yard is an inspirational setting for events, meetings and conferences directly at Oresund with the Maritime Museum of Denmark and Kronborg Castle as our neighbors.

The Culture Yard offers an inspirational setting for events, meetings and conferences directly at Oresund. 

Meeting facilities

Conference and meeting facilities at The Culture Yard include:

  • two stages
  • seven meeting rooms (M1 – M6 & Green Room) 
  • and additional three meeting rooms at Toldkammeret.

All rooms have technical equipment accessible and free WIFI.

The main stage ‘Store Scene’ is functional as auditorium or room and is available for bigger events and conferences. The stage can be a modern auditorium with seats for approximately 535 guests, which makes it the biggest auditorium in North Zealand. Furthermore, it can be transformed into a room with an even floor with tables and chairs.
The smaller stage ‘Lille Scene’ has seats for approximately 120 people. The room is very flexible for stage setups and has the best view of Kronborg Castle, Oresund and the coast of Sweden.

A wide range of opportunities

The Culture Yard holds many opportunities and offers costumized solutions where the cultural and historical surroundings can be included. For example you can take a cultural break by booking a guided tour in the area. We also offer a culture package where your meeting ends with a concert, a play or a lecture. We can also think outside the box and plan an intimate concert for your group? Serve champagne on the rooftop? The Culture Yard has potential for creative events of any kind. Our professional staff offers their assistance to help you create the perfect event and inspirational experience for each participant. The Culture Yard has facilities available for companies, private persons and organizations.