The 4D Artbox is a cross-media digital live stage, which makes use of 2D and 3D media and Eyeliner technology and advanced sound and live performance in a single expression. Based on the latest technologies in the field of projection, sound and media design artists are able to design a digital black box, which consists of several layers of projections in the air, on the floor and on the background. With this black box and a special software which 3LD (NY) and the Culture Yard (DK) is developing , we will create an entirely new artistic medium.

The goal of is to set up a live scene for interdisciplinary performance and cross media and a place that breaks boundaries of art classic division . It is all produced with a 3D visuality. The 4D Artbox can be made in any size and shape, but is thought of as the standard to be 3x4x4 meters. The 4D Artbox’ pictorial universe consists of video projections created by a video designer or live digital of the artist’s movements or sounds on the 4D Artbox’ scene.

The work presented and stored on background, middle ground or foreground, in order to make room for the next image layers. By a move the artist is able to take the entire artistic journey back through the work’s many layers or modify the design of picture and sound. For examples of technology used, see the following.